Angelina + Cooper + Finley

I have to say, Arizona stole a piece of my heart! I absolutely loved making my very first work trip out there and it was such a pleasure to have the chance to work with Angelina and her two horses. Angelina and I have followed one another on Instagram for quite some time, so when she showed interest in a session I was stoked to be making this trip! Although things didn’t go quite as planned. Right as we were about to do our sunset session winds kicked up so hard that it was impossible to shoot. After checking the weather we realized our best chances were to get out early for a sunrise shoot at 5am the next day. I can honestly say I’ve never been happier for a situation that didn’t work out because this sunrise was to die for! Not only were we able to capture some memories with her heart horse, Cooper, we also had the opportunity to include her young mare Finley. These two cooperated perfectly and it was so funny watching their different personalities. With Angelina recently accepting a summer internship at Colts Unlimited and leaving in May, this was her last chance to get some of those precious memories captured before being reunited with both horses in August. Best of luck on this new journey Angelina! I can’t wait to see where it will lead you.