Charlotte + TJ

I had the opportunity to do my first ever Northern California trip this year and it did not disappoint! Charlotte and TJ were just one of the horse and rider pairs I had during my travels and I’m swooning over their sunrise session. These two are the perfect match for each other and it brings me joy having the chance to capture a horse and rider’s relationship like this. TJ, still being the youngster he is, certainly messed around quite a bit, but we were able to work with his shenanigans and create some magic! In 2018 Charlotte had the opportunity to meet and begin working with TJ as a volunteer through CANTER in NorCal. She didn’t know much about this OTTB other then he was five and had recently been brought into the program in August after not cutting it as a racehorse. The two of them quickly began forming a bond and it wasn’t long before Charlotte was completely in love with him. Now as we are nearing the end of 2019, I am excited to continue watching these two grow together and see everything they accomplish. Thank you Charlotte for having me out and trusting me to capture these sweet moments for you! Best of luck to you both in your journey together.