Nicole & Jake Wedding

I have had the pleasure of knowing Nicole and Jacob since the beginning of my college career and I feel absolutely honored that I was able to capture such a beautiful day for this lovely couple. These two have developed a strong and undeniable relationship, centered in their passion for Christ. The day was full of joy, love, and pray that shown through in every way. Getting to know Nicole and Jake over the years, and learning more about their story I can honestly say these two were made for each other. Early on their big day I asked Jake why his cuff links had the word 'Already' written on them. He told me that when he first told Nicole he loved her that was her response; and from the sound of it she already loved him back as well. I'm beyond excited to share their love with all of you and wish them the absolute best on their new journey together. I know that with the Lord supporting them these two are going to do some incredible things. Congratulations Nicole and Jake, you two deserve it!