Sara & Sawyer

I remember when I first began riding that I always wanted to capture every moment whether it was in a still frame or video. We had a community of horseback riders that loved to post their videos to YouTube and get connected with one another. I can honestly say that I’m lucky I was one of these girls simply because I was able to meet Sara. We have known each other for years now and it is always a pleasure of mine when Sara jumps in front of the camera for me. Sara bought Sawyer as her new barrel racing prospect and formed an incredible connection with this horse. As they grew together Sara was also putting in time to her own photography business. The day came that she knew she had to make a choice. With her business booming and Sawyer being so young, Sara decided it was time to sell him to another young girl who could put more time in with him. I will never forget how hard this decision was for Sara, but I’m so glad I was able to do this session for them and capture so many memories I know she will hold close to her heart.

Ashleigh MagnusComment