Taylor & Mike

Several years back I began this fun little hobby of line dancing. Wednesday and Thursday nights became my go to dance times and man am I happy to say that it has led to some incredible friendships. About a year or so ago I met Taylor through our dancing group. While Mike, her boyfriend at the time, didn’t necessarily come out to dance, I heard all about the love they shared. When Mike made the plunge and asked Taylor to marry him I was completely ecstatic for both of them! Taylor soon approached me about shooting not only her engagement photos, but their special day happening at the end of 2019. I was more then thrilled to become her photographer and after working with them for only a short time, I’m even more excited for their big day! I want to say thank you to both Taylor and Mike for entrusting me with their special memories and I wish both of you only the best as you continue down their journey of life together.