Q: How do we reserve our wedding date?

            A: a 50% deposit and signed contract are required in order for us to reserve your wedding day in the calendar. The remainder balance is due either before or dat of the wedding.


Q: Do you have a list of preferred vendors to use?

            A: absolutely! We have some of our favorite florists, videographers, coordinators, and many more that are the best companies in the industry and we are happy to share a list of their information.


Q: What is the turnaround time for our wedding images?

            A: our contract states that wedding images take roughly 5-6 weeks to edit and send back to you. We do our best to meet this time frame, if not prior to it.


Q: Do you photograph elopements?

            A: yes! Depending on availability as well as the amount of hours you have set aside for your special day, we have special rates for both week day and weekend elopements.


Q: How many photographers will there be at our wedding?

            A: we have a team of several photographers that assist at weddings. Depending on your package, or add-ons, we can provide 2-3 photographers for your special day!


Q: We’re having a destination wedding, do you travel?

            A: of course! Traveling is one of our favorite parts of the job. Did you know that unlike most photographers we are able to fly for free or discounted rates depending on the location? Send us information on your travel plans and we will work out a wedding collection that best suits your needs.


Q: Is there a better time for photos throughout the day?

            A: light changes throughout the year depending on where and what time your wedding will be at. Prior to your big day we will help you organize a timeline so the day flows smoothly for both you and your vendors.


Q: How will I know all my family photos get covered?

            A: Prior to your wedding day we will meet to discuss any photos you need covered as well as create a list of your family photos!


Q: I have a list of some photo ideas I like, is it possible to recreate these?

            A: it sure is! We love seeing your ideas and if you have any you are welcome to send them over to us before your special day



Q: What should I wear?

            A: You have the opportunity to wear formal or casual! We recommend sticking to neutral tones and not including any crazy patterns. 


Q: Do I order print products through you?

            A: You absolutely do! Each gallery contains a link to the store which you can use to order glossy, matte, canvas, and even metal prints. We do offer other products such as books, mugs, custom wooden box prints, and pillows! Make sure to contact us if you are interested in these.


Q: What is the best time and place for our session?

            A: Usually an hour to an hour and a half before sunset or right after sunrise!


Q: How should I pay?

            A: We accept several forms of payment including cash, check, and Venmo! A 25% deposit is sent to reserve your date with the remaining balance paid the day of.


Q: What do I need to do to prepare myself and my horse?

            A: It is highly recommended that your horse be clean prior to the session. This may require a bath depending on how dirty your horse can get. We also try to make sure that horses are fed a bit before our session begins so food isn’t a huge distraction. Regarding you, we have a lovely hair and makeup artist for hire should you choose to go that route!


Q: What are your requirements when posting on social media?

            A: The only requirement we ask is that images do not get altered in any way including coloring, cropping, etc. Tagging us isn’t required but always appreciated! You can find us on Facebook under Ashleigh Magnus Photograph and Instagram under @magnusphoto


Q: When will I receive my images?

            A: The average turn-around rate is 3 weeks for horse and rider sessions but can vary with the holiday seasons so schedule accordingly!


Q: Should I use a halter or bridle on my horse?

            A: It’s all your personal preference! Both look great as long as they are cleaned beforehand. We recommend leather halters with solid black lead ropes if you choose to go that route!


Q: Is it possible to get on my horse for a few images?

            A: Absolutely! Riding images are completely up to the client and if they feel their horse is safe enough to do so.