~ Testimonial Page ~

I'm not only passionate about this job, but the numerous clients it gives me the opportunity to work with! I strive to make my clients feel comfortable, loved, and simply wonderful during their sessions. Below are a few experiences my clients have decided to share with all of you!





Kimmey I.

Ashleigh Magnus Photography definitely stands out from other photographers for many reasons. First off, there's nothing like working with a photographer that makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera! I have worked with Ashleigh Magnus Photography three times now because she is able to be professional as well as making the session an excellent experience. Ashleigh has a keen eye for detail and every photo I received was better than the next! Her style is award winning and she is quick and efficient with time! I 10 out of 10 recommend using Ashleigh Magnus Photography for any of your photo needs because she knows exactly how to capture it!

Cirsten + Colton

PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT!! I can’t say enough about my experience with Ashleigh Magnus Photography!! The professionalism, attention to detail, fun atmosphere and level of comfort she created for my big day is second to none!! Not only was Ashleigh completely professional with me but I LOVED how professional she was with my vendors! She was able to connect with them as well. She was able to make everyone work in unison not only making my big day run smoother, but making the pictures come out just that much better! She took my nerves on my big day and settled them almost instantly! I am not used to being put in front of a camera and pose so I was nervous that I wouldn’t look natural in the pictures. That was not the case AT ALL with Ashleigh capturing everything! She made doing all this so much fun, natural and not to mention memorable!! She was also able to do the impossible by wrangling my huge and rowdy family together and get breathtaking shots!! I couldn’t believe how much fun I was having! She has exquisite attention to detail making sure she gets that perfect shot. Not to mention to was completely open to any questions I had or poses I wanted to try. During my session she would show me shots here and there just getting me even more excited for how beautiful they were coming out! I couldn’t have dreamed for a better photographer & have definitely found my special occasion photographer for life!!! I know exactly who I’m calling in the future!
Thank you Ashleigh for everything!!


Kathryn F.

I have done four photo shoots with Ashleigh. The reason for this is that she is very professional, she takes the time to scope out a location that fits what the client wants, and makes you feel very comfortable in front of the camera. She takes the time to support the clients vision. I would highly recommend her!!


Angie W.

Ashleigh is a talented young photographer with a keen eye for detail. She makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera and provides exellent instruction for the perfect shots. She captures the special moments and makes them come to life. I have used Ashleigh for several years now and I highly recommend this talented photographer for any event.


 Susan P.

I've been having Ashleigh Magnus take photos of my family and friends for over 5 years. She is professional and cares about what she sees. She loves what she does and it shows up in her work.








Erik F.

My session with Ashleigh was the best experience I've had with a professional photographer. She was present and helpful at every state before, during and after the shoot. From helping with wardrobe and selecting the perfect location, to giving constructive recommendations and taking feedback, Ashleigh was the model of professionalism and talent. I've received countless compliments on the senior photos she shot for me and I'm already looking forward to the next session with this wonderful photographer.







Veronica E.

Ashleigh is by far my favorite photographer! She not only is a great human being but, an exceptional photographer with an eye for aesthetic. We have done two lovely promotional sessions for my business down in Laguna Beach and will be shooting more in the near future. Would recommend!


Nicole + Jake

My fiancé Jake and I had the best engagement session with Ashleigh! She is so knowledgeable and we are extremely happy with our pictures. Her work is so beautiful-we are looking forward to her capturing our wedding day too!



Ekaterina A.

I contacted Ashleigh to do a session with some horses and bridal gowns! She was able to provide two horses for a session in San Juan Capistrano. Not only does Ashleigh have a lot of talent, she also has a great personality! She's definitely one of my favorite photographers.



Piper A.

I have had the pleasure of having Ashleigh photograph me multiple times. From sessions with my horses to senior portraits she has been an absolute gem behind the camera. I have never had a poor experience with Ashleigh and I can honestly say I love every photo she captures of me. She always makes the session fun and lifts your spirits as she poses you for every shot. You leave the session feeling amazing and highly anticipating your images arrival. Which to say the least are plentiful and always arrive in a timely manner. She always puts hard work and effort into every one that she gives you. I highly recommend Ashleigh as a photographer for her professionalism and her dedication to her customers.