Sara & Sawyer

I remember when I first began riding that I always wanted to capture every moment whether it was in a still frame or video. We had a community of horseback riders that loved to post their videos to YouTube and get connected with one another. I can honestly say that I’m lucky I was one of these girls simply because I was able to meet Sara.

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Ashleigh MagnusComment
Nicole & Jake Wedding

I have had the pleasure of knowing Nicole and Jacob since the beginning of my college career and I feel absolutely honored that I was able to capture such a beautiful day for this lovely couple.

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Meet Your Photographer!

Hey guys! Ashleigh Magnus here! I’m so excited that you have come across my site and I can’t wait to connect with all of you. People always ask me how I got into photography, why I stuck with it, and if the industry is worth being a part of.

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