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Kaley & AJ

These two love birds hold a special place in my heart. I’ve gotten to know Kaley and AJ over the last few years and am continually blown away by the love they share. These two have grown tremendously together and it was a true joy for me to get the chance to capture these memories for them.

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Exotic Ranch Wedding

It was such an honor to have the chance to photograph this gorgeous event on my first Texas trip of 2019! Flying in the night before I was feeling the excitement of having the chance to work with this lovely couple alongside a camel and kangaroo at the stunning Whitehorse Steakhouse & Oak Meadow Ranch.

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10 Questions for Your Wedding Photographer!

Are you recently engaged and looking to plan your wedding day but stuck on choosing your photographer? Now and days pretty much everyone has picked up a camera and there are just SO many options when it comes to the type of images we see.

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